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gallery gods Individuals members of the theater viewers occupying the highest, and as a consequence The most affordable, seats; These folks sitting in the balcony or gallery of the theater. The OED attributes this expression to The actual fact that individuals occupying gallery seats are on high, as tend to be the gods. Nonetheless, another source credits the portray around the ceiling around the gallery in London’s Drury Lane Theatre since the inspiration for this expression.

anchorage - the affliction of getting secured to a foundation; "the plant requirements a business anchorage"; "the mom offers psychological anchorage for the whole family"

He arrived in search of prosperity, status, and electric power → Il est venu en quête de richesse, de Status et de pouvoir.

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Although nonetheless most generally used in reference to your theater, the scope of leading billing has actually been expanded to include software in other contexts as well.

You may share any no-display deposits, donate to charity or give back again towards the community — It truly is up to you! Check out kickback.events — incubating with Status!

In interactive mode, sftp logs you into your remote system and places you at a prompt that is analogous towards the command prompt on your local system. It provides you a constrained, but quite handy, list of commands with which you'll be able to navigate the remote file system and send out and obtain files.

prime billing Stardom. A phrase describing the most outstanding or important in a bunch of persons, occasions, and many others. In theater adverts and billboards, billing is definitely the relative place during which someone or act is listed.

Specifies no matter whether to use a privileged port for outgoing connections. The argument have to be "Certainly" or "no". The default is "no". If set to "Certainly", ssh has to be setuid root. Observe that this choice need to be set to "Indeed" for RhostsRSAAuthentication with older servers.

Holy Order, Order - (usually plural) the status or rank or Office environment of a Christian clergyman within an ecclesiastical hierarchy; "theologians nevertheless disagree in excess of no matter if `bishop' really should or should not be a independent Order"

WP Engine is a far more-than-qualified host that offers fantastic uptime, WordPress-distinct security, unlimited month-to-month data transfers, and various exceptional features. On other hand, WP Engine also has some flaws—its lack of email hosting between them—that avoid it from becoming PCMag's favored WordPress hosting service.

innocence - a point out or situation helpful resources of staying innocent of a specific criminal offense or offense; "the trial set up his innocence"

into the manner born Destined by birth to watch certain styles of actions, ordinarily Those people involved with good breeding and high social status; also, innately or peculiarly suited for a particular position. This latter use is becoming increasingly typical.

Their extremely light-weight complexions unveiled a bluish Solid for their veins, which they For that reason considered carried blue blood, instead of the intended black blood of Moors and Jews.

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